Area 319,969 U (4th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Vospan
Capital City Kornograd
Largest City Kornograd
Empire Central Union
Independence Date E3Y221[3972]
Currency CU Krenta (Ԇ)
Current President Hiinvayn Joshz
Territories [territories]

Vosprym shown in a very basic elevation map.


Vosprym seen from space

Vosprym is one of the 17 countries on Mundu, and a member of the Central Union and WPP . To the north it borders Ivanyc , and to the east, Cantavir .


Vosprym's landscape is comprised of mostly flat plains, forest, and rolling hills. On the south end of the country is a large swampland and forests. Throughout the coastal part of the country is a very flat, arid plain.On the eastern-most border with Cantavir is a large forest and huge mountains of the Spine of the World. Along with Ivanyc , Vosprym shares the Riivtong.


The land that is now Vosprym was the very first land to be settled by the first elves millennia ago. The first government and kingdom that started there was called Jaffretti. Until long after the War of the Sea, this land was unharmed, and a place of amazing things. For example, Jaffretti used to have the biggest city in the world, and the tallest building. But then Jaffretti collapsed when all the other nations revolted together. Soon after, Vosprym started, roughly 2,800 years ago, now weak. From that point on, Vosprym has tried to be fairly neutral, so it can rebuild what it once had. This hasn't happened though. Vosprym is unfortunately very barren, and insignificant economically.


The overall population of Vosprym is greatly human, for it is the appropriate climate. Vosprym's population isn't growing very quickly.