Area 4,284 U (17th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Viran
Capital City Rejeka
Largest City Rejeka
Empire Northern Union
Independence Date E3Y414[4165]
Currency NU Rejek ( ᴕ )
Current President Gowstaana Norfaal
Territories [territories]

Virasvyn is one of the 17 countries of Mundu , part of the Northern Union and the WPP . It is also the smallest country in the world. It shares Nordlaand with Novisad.


Virasvyn is almost completely covered in a huge ice sheet. Only in a few places within the country is not covered in ice. Only in the summer the capital is free of frost. In the few thawed areas, the ground is hard, and rough. Glacial canyons cut across these areas making it even more dificult to traverse.


Virasvyn became a country approximately [      ] years ago. It split off of Novisad to be a home for its population's minorities. Along with Novisad , Virasvyn stayed very neutral for all of its life. It joined the Northern Union with Novisad , and later joined the WPP .


The population of Virasvyn is very low compared with the other countries of Mundu . The races who live here are almost completely Norskemour , with only a few human minorities.