The Spine of the World and Kuunmeg Plateau.

The Spine of the World is the biggest mountain range on Mundu, located on Nordeliik Viiriij. It stretches across all of the Central Union, and is home to the world's tallest mountain, Re-Shzemb. Because it is so vast, the Spine of the World can be a maze to travel through. However, with the road system (INNAT) installed, travel has been made significantly easier for everybody.

Geology Edit

The mountains in this region are all on top of the Kuunmeg Plateau which spans almost the entire continent. This plateau was uplifted from tectonic activity millions of years ago which pushed up the whole continent and mountains too. Because of this, a lot of the rocks that make up the Spine of the World are similar and heavily layered.

Geography Edit

This mountain range is the biggest on Mundu by far and is much, much bigger than any mountain range on Earth. It takes up a total land area of app. 1,657,301 sq. miles (2,667,167 sq. km) connecting the Northern Passage to the Siremyn Sea.

The tallest mountains on Mundu exist here, with Mt. Re-Shzemb as the tallest in the world (31,282 ft., 9,535m). Lots of natural wonders including Re-Shzemb can be found in these mountains including waterfalls, cliffs, forests, glaciers, valleys, mesas, and more.

History Edit

Ever since people first the Evenmour first encountered these peaks thousands of years ago, they have been a challenge for settlers across the continent. They create excellent natural borders which allowed Jaffretti to thrive as it did until it spread beyond.

The Population Edit

Although the Spine of the World is incredibly hard to build on, many groups have settled, secluded in the mountains. This has allowed for large cities to develop in the most unlikely of places despite the difficulty of trade and connections to the outside world. One example of this is Mantangrad in Siovok which is in the top 20 biggest cities in the world.