Like the other empires, the Southern Empire has a road network for each level of government (international, national, territorial, district).


All the Southern Empire roads follow the same numbering system. Roads going north-south are odd-numbered, and east-west roads are even numbered. The numbers start in the south-west, and grow to the north-east.


KLEN has smaller connections called off-shoots. These roads have 3-4 digits unlike the main roads with 1 and 2 digits. The system for determining these numbers is exactly like the Central Union's INNAT network. The first digit is numbered like the main roads. The second and third digits are that of the parent freeway.


The Southern Empire's international roads are called the Kaltlandyth Express Network (or KLEN). It uses the Southern Empire's old name becuase the road system was built when Kaltlandyth existed. Its national road network is called the Southern National Road Network (or SNRN). The territorial road network just has the name of Terrirory Road Network (or TRN). Not to be confused with the Southern Empire's rail network which has the code of STRNN. Its smaller district roads are given special names, but the bigger roads have the name of SEDR (Southern Empire District Roads).