Area 51,869 (13th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Skamen
Capital City Skamgrad
Largest City Bayton
Empire Southern Empire
Independence Date E3Y1[3751]
Currency SE Gilde ( ᶋ )
Current President Thentila Mentoth
Territories [territories]

Skamryl is one of the 17 countries, and currently the healthiest country on Mundu . It is a member of the Southern Empire and the WPP . It borders Azira-Farcry to the south and Eleswyn to the north.


Skamryl is mostly covered in taiga, with some tundra and sparce grasslands in some areas. In the north along the border with Eleswyn is a flat grassland that is very lush compared with the rest of the country. In the south is a rough tundra region, with liitle to no vegetation. Across the center of the country is a large taiga and the country's major cities and capital. On the western border are mountains which are arguably the most spectacular on all of Mundu .


Skamryl became a country because of the Split . Since it became a country, Skamryl has had minor disputes with Mykolviin , off its northern coast. Most of the issues revolve around trade routes through that area, and who owns what. Skamryl joined the Southern Empire and the WPP , with Skamryl staying a very neutral country.It didn't fight in any wars directly, but it did send some warriors to Eleswyn during the Shukraa Battles


Skamryl's overall population isn't too big or too small, however it is very small compared to its northern neighbor. Its racial population is mostly norskemour and kaltskemour , with dokmour and human minorities. In the north is where the humans and dokmour reside, with the norskemour in the very south and kaltskemour in the middle.