Area 427,977 U (6th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Sirem
Capital City Mostar
Largest City Szhiilgrad
Empire Samoor Empire
Independence Date E4Y163[5414]
Currency Dinare (Ħ)
Current President Wethron Kiilstad
Territories 6 (+1 unofficial)
Siremyn is one of the 16 WPP countries and is part of the Samoor Empire. It shares the island of Barok Owslaa with Barok. It also owns many volcanic islands in the Truuszhemb Sea.

Geography Edit

Siremyn's geography is rather uninteresting on the mainland. It is mostly flat, green fields with farmland and occasional forests. In the south is a large tropical rain forest which is protected by the Siremyn government. On its various islands there are many volcanoes, forming the largest volcanic chain in the world. These islands are also dominated by rain forests. Siremyn also owns the island of Siremyn which is much more temperate and heavily forested. It is also much hillier than the rest of the country.On the island of Aan Owlaa it is much drier and much more mountainous like the island of Siremyn.

History Edit

Siremyn's history has been mostly peaceful despite being annexed twice by opposing forces in the War of the Sea. It shares close ties with Barok, as it has been culturally, ethnically, and politically similar in the past few eras. It had some territory disputes with Cantavir over the island of Naarkiil, and still has some disagreements on the island.