Area 122,701 U (9th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Sovek
Capital City Jorgrym
Largest City Nordgrad
Empire Central Union
Independence Date E2Y716[2341]
Currency CU Krenta (Ԇ)
Current President Rolten Thajenkot
Territories [territories]

Siovok as seen from space.

Siovok is one of 17 countries on Mundu, a member of the Central Union and the WPP . To the west it borders Ivanyc , and to the south, Cantavir


Siovok is the most north-easterly country on Nordeliik Viiriij . It is greatly mountainous and is home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Re-Shzemb. The north coast is very rough rocky, but further inland it becomes a thick conifer wood. Along the south-east coastline it is fairly flat and has been mostly cultivated. Further inland is the Spine of the World at its highest points. These mountains create a natural border between Siovok and


Siovok shown in a simple elevation map.

its neighbors quite well.


Siovok first became a country about 4,400 years ago after it revolted from Jaffretti. It stayed very peaceful until the War of the Races where it was at the center of battle along with Cantavir . From then on it has been a very powerful country across all of Mundu due to its location, wealth, and fairly large population. It didn't fight in the Shukraa Battles, however they played a large roll in ending the war.


Similarily to Ivanyc , Siovok's population consists maily of humans and norskemour. The norskemour population is rising very quickly while the human population is dropping.