Area 548,078 U (5th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Samorn
Capital City Samoor City
Largest City Vaykiiljuun
Empire Samoor Empire
Independence Date E2Y1644[3205]
Currency Vulak (ᵹ)
Current President Denton Rentray
Territories 9
Samoor-Cry is one of the 16 WPP countries and is part of the Samoor Empire. It borders Kapuvar to the north and the Flusven Ocean to the west. To the south it borders the Sea of Mykolviin and the North Samoor Sea. Samoor-Cry owns many islands in the Samoor Sea which border the Cantavir Channel and the South Samoor Sea.

Geography Edit

On the mainland, the majority of the land in hilly and forested. However, the further north you go, the drier it gets and it flattens out. The islands of Nortovaar, Nordviishvaal, and Viishvaal are all densely covered in tropical rain forests. The island of Koshem is very hilly and is covered in temperate forests. In the far north of the mainland, the terrain is very flat, and it becomes very arid and short of vegetation.

History Edit

Samoor-Cry has had a very conflict-driven history, as it was at the forefront of the War of the Sea and Shuukraa Battles. It has experienced many times of civil unrest and independence movements, including at least one today. It does not have a good relationship with its northern neighbor who fought for independence soon after the end of the Shuukraa Battles. However, their relationship has been improving, but they still have major blockages on immigration and trade.