Like the other empires, the Oceanic Union has a road network for each level of government. However, because each country is an island, there are no international freeways.


All the Oceanic Union roads follow the same numbering system. Roads going north-south are even-numbered, and east-west roads are odd numbered. The numbers start in the south-west, and grow to the north-east.


Some ONR roads have 3-4 digits, while others have 2 digits. The number of digits represent the significance of the freeway. Three-digit and four-digit roads are city routes and have their own numbering system. Two-digit freeways are the standard roads, usually stretching between 2 or 3 countries.

3-4 Digit ONR Freeways

Just like international roads in other empires, if the road loops around a city, the first digit will be even, and if the road is just a spur from the main freeway, then it's odd. The other two digits are of the parent freeway. For example, if a spur road comes off of ONR 45, then it will be called ONR 145. 


The national network is called ONR (Oceanic National Roads). Territories have the OTR network and district's roads are named. Longer district roads are given the code ODR.