Area 8,737 U (15th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Novee
Capital City Novijuun
Largest City Novijuun
Empire Northern Union
Independence Date E2Y552[2113]
Currency NU Rejek ( ᴕ )
Current President Raynaa Nontos
Territories [territories]

Novisad is one of the 17 countries of Mundu , part of the Northern Union and the WPP . It is also the second-smallest country in the world. It shares Nordlaand with Virasvyn .


Novisad is completley covered in ice except for some of its southern-most points. Its capital is in a large rocky tundra, which is the most habitable of all of Novisad and Nordlaand. The further north you go from the capital region, the snowier and icier it gets, with glaciers and ice sheets. This area is almost completely empty in terms of life. Only in areas not covered with ice is there civilization. The border with Virasvyn is never exact, because the ice moves and changes the landscape. 


Novisad became a country roughly [       ] years ago after it split off of Jaffretti after the Jaffreitian revolution . It did a very good job of keeping out of other country's ways as they fought the War of the Sea . It wasn't until after the Split that Novisad created a nation specifically for its ethnic minorities. This nation is Virasvyn . Unfortunately for Virasvyn , Novisad gave them all of their unwanted land. This land was mostly ice. At E4Y500, Virasvyn and Novisad joined into the Northern Union . Novisad was the first country after Myshzuul to develop steam-powered machines and started the Steam Age . Novisad kept quiet once again with the Shukraa Battles , and managed to not have any wars or battles throughout its entire history.


Novisad's population is completley Norskemour . Its population amongst the rest of the world is very low, but the people who do live there have very happy lives, and are very healthy.