National Parks & MonumentsEdit

National parks and national monuments serve as recreational areas for the public while protecting large stretches of land from housing development, mining, logging, farming, and other resource production. All NPs and NMs are owned and operated by the national government in which it's located. However, if there is a site that is on its way to becoming a new NP or NM, the WPP association have to designate it as one. The thing that differentiates NPs from NMs is the accessibility to the land. National parks have many trails and often one main road whereas national monuments have lots of 4x4 trails, but not many for just pedestrians. There is usually one location within the NM that is of interest and is accessed by one road. Rarely lodging, gift shops, restaurants, etc will be found in national parks or monuments because of the strict building laws enforced by all WPP countries.

National Wildlife ReservesEdit

NWLRs are regions owned and operated by the national government and specifically focus on protecting wildlife in the area. Development in these areas are very strict, but not forbidden. Roads can run through the reserves in all countries, but in some more restrictions are put on them. Housing prices in some countries are five to ten times more expensive as they would otherwise be. In some countries all house development is forbidden. Any killing of wildlife is a very strong offense, with prison times up to fifteen years. Farming is not allowed in these areas, and nor is mining, fishing, drilling, etc.

Territory Parks & District ParksEdit

These parks are owned and operated by the relative levels of government. They are very similar to national parks, but building restrictions aren't as strict. Also, for an area to become one of these parks, the final say is in the hands of the imperial government. 

National ForestEdit

These areas do not allow for large deforestation or practice that requires it. They do allow for small building projects and road development. These take up most of the protected land in the world

Territory Scenic PassageEdit

These are stretches of land surrounding roads that are recognized as very scenic from the road's POV. Also, these can overlap with everything mentioned above because they don't have trails within the borders.

Urban AreasEdit

Urban areas defined land around major cities that mark out the limit of that city's urban sprawl.