Area 172,897 U (12th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Mykol
Capital City Vila
Largest City Vila
Empire Oceanic Union
Independence Date E3Y755[4506]
Currency Selta (ᴤ)
Current President Siinotev Renthan
Territories 4
Mykolviin is one of the 16 WPP countries and is a member of the Oceanic Union. It is an island nation between the Aykoiin Ocean and Sea of Mykolviin. To the north is Samoor-Cry and Kapuvar, and to the south is Eleswyn and Skamryl. It also owns two islands south of the mainland.

Geography Edit

Mykolviin's geography various a lot from the north of the island to the south. The north is hilly and covered in thick tropical rain forest, whereas the south is very flat and arid plains. In the southern most regions it is covered in desert and there is a chain of mountains which alter the micro climate significantly. The two islands which are south of the mainland are entirely desert and therefore are difficult to build on.

History Edit

Mykolviin's history has been mostly peaceful except for the War of the Sea when it was given to Samoor-Cry and then later gained independence. Mykolviin and Skamryl have had a few maritime disputes over the past few decades, but still these countries have good relations with one another. The early people of Mykolviin still have a large presence in the country, as one of the bigger ethnic groups.