Area 40,437 U (14th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Mont
Capital City Miingrad
Largest City Black Coast
Empire Oceanic Union
Independence Date E3Y959[4710]
Currency Selta ( ᴤ )
Current President Laantoj Kiirnak
Territories [territories]

Miintry is one of the 17 countries of Mundu , a member of the WPP and Oceanic Union . It is currently a very large tourist destination because of its perfect weather year-round. It is located off the western coast of Ivanyc ,  and is north-east of Kapuvar .


Miintry is mostly flat, with some hilly regions scattered across it. In the near center is a large mountain region with stunning views. Across the rest of the country is mostly a lush coniferous forest with some plains in between. Along the coast is a cliff that reaches all the way along the coast of Miintry.


Miintry became a country [       ] years ago, when it split from [      ]. Throughout its life, Miintry stayed relatively peaceful with its surrounding neighbors. It wanted to have the same views as Kapuvar after it became a country. Many times during the Shukraa Battles , the Central Union asked it to join them. This would have aided them greatly, as they could get better access to the center of the war. After Mykolviin was torn apart after the Shukraa Battles , Miintry joined it and Kapuvar in the Oceanic Union . Once the WPP was formed, Miintry became a huge tourist nation solely because of its emaculate weather and living conditions. Recently, it got a spike in population because of this. 


The racial population is a mix of all known races on Mundu except for the dwarves. Its largest racial group is humans , but that number is decreasing. Compared to the average world population, it is in the middle.