Area 391581 (7th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Kapuvare
Capital City Granston
Largest City Granston
Empire Oceanic Union
Independence Date E4Y1306[6557]
Currency Penja (ǂ)
Current President Samlen Rinok
Territories 9
Kapuvar is one of the 16 WPP countries and is part of the Oceanic Union. It borders Samoor-Cry to the south and bordered to the north by the Myshzuul Sea. It is in very close proximity to Myshzuul and therefore must be very careful with ship traffic through that passage.

Geography Edit

Kapuvar's geography is mostly flat, but there are many canyons and valleys across the entire country. One of them is the biggest in the world. In the northeast, the land becomes much moister and covered in grasses. In the northwest it is very dry and mostly uninhabited. The country is split down the middle by the Gulf of Kapuvar. In the south there is a small mountain chain

History Edit

Kapuvar has been for centuries part of Samoor-Cry, but soon after the Shuukraa Battles, it gained independence. Later it founded the Oceanic Union, which Mykolviin and Miintry joined. Kapuvar has always been a peaceful nation, which promotes peace in the world. Its southern border is largely fenced off because of its still imperfect relations with Samoor-Cry. Kapuvar also supports the Koshem independence movement and all other peaceful separatist movements.