Area 331,231 U (2nd)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Ivanian
Capital City Ilovik
Largest City Bukugrad
Empire Central Union
Independence Date E2Y401[1962]
Currency CU Krenta (Ԇ)
Current President Sinark Jorgven
Territories [territories]
Ivanyc is one of the 17 countries on Mundu, and a member of the

Central Union . To the east it borders Siovok , the south east - Cantavir and to the south, Vosprym . It is currently the second most populous country, and one of the biggest.


Ivanyc as seen from space.



Ivanyc seen in a very simple elevation map.


Ivanyc's landscape is comprised of mostly flat plains, tundra, and rolling hills. On the south end of the country is an arid and warm steppe-like landscape. On the northern coast is a bare tundra, as well as a forest to the east on the Siovok border.Through the middle of the country is a small mountain range and forest. In the south-east is the Spine of the World.


Ivanyc has been around for approximately 4,700 years. Initially it split off from its former empire of Jaffretti during the Steel War under the name Kaltnorthan. Soon after, the heir was killed, and the throne was taken by a new king with millions of supporters. At this time, Kaltnorthan became Ivanyc. A few centuries later, Jaffretti declared war on Ivanyc, which was the start trigger for the northern theatre in the War of the Sea. During the war, Ivanyc did not do very well, until in southern Jaffretti, more nations got independance. Finally, Jaffretti fell under a new government, now Vosprym , and has been at peace with Ivanyc since. After the War of the Sea, up until the Shukraa battles, these two countries became very good friends. Now, Ivanyc is part of the Central Union , and part of the WPP .


In Ivanyc, the population is mainly human and norskemour. The south is where the human population is, and the north where the norskemour are. Ivanyc has the biggest norskemour population of any country, however the human population is rising quickly.