A simple timeline of the history of Mundu.

The 'eras' in Mundu 's history are periods of time defined by important events (much like real life). To date, there are 5 eras, each varying in size. Eras shouldn't be confused with 'ages ', as they are different time periods, and are defined differently. The start of an era is an exact date in histoy, while an age has rough edges and can differ from country to country. For a list of ages and their real-life equivalents, click here.

Era 1:Edit

The start of era 1 is marked by the earliest recorded history on Mundu . At this time, early civilizations had not invented the calender, so the exact date is only an estimate. Era 1 officially started at year 1000. It ended on year 1560. The reason that era 1 ends on this date is because at this time the Steel War had started. Era 1 is currently the shortest era yet at only 560 years. Within era 1, Jaffretti became the first official country. Also, metalurgy and blacksmithing were discovered.

Era 2:Edit

The start of era 2 is marked by the start of the Steel War and ended at The Split . Era 2 officially started on year 1561 and ended on year 3750. Within era 2 the War of the Sea happened as well as Drevni becoming an international language. Before the War of the Sea , Mundu 's population reached its highest ever at roughly 700-million. Countries born in order:

  1. Kaltnorthan (current Ivanyc )
  2. Copinrym (current Cantavir )
  3. Kaltlanyth  (current Southern Empire )
  4. Ivanyc
  5. Samoor
  6. Novisad
  7. Cantavir
  8. Siovok

Era 3:Edit

The start of era 3 is marked with The Split and the end marked with the War of the Races . Officially, era 3 starts at year 3751 and ends on year 5250. Within era 3, the Southern Empire was formed, Liinen Maar was born, and running water became a thing. Countries born in order:

  1. Azira-Farcry
  2. Eleswyn
  3. Skamryl
  4. Bywrok
  5. Vosprym
  6. Virasvyn
  7. Mykolviin
  8. Miintry

Era 4:Edit

The start of era 4 is marked by the start of The War of the Races and the end is marked by the forming of the WPP . Officially, era 4 starts on year 5251 and ends on year 6614. The Central Union was formed, the Northern Union was formed, English became a world language, and the Samoor Empire began. Countries born in order:

  1. Siremyn
  2. Samoor-Cry
  3. Kapuvar

Era 5:Edit

Era 5 started when the WPP was created and is the current era. Within the first years, the Oceanic Union began. Era 5 is referred to as the 'Peace Time ' because all the countries have joined an empire (excluding Myshzuul ) and the WPP is agreed on by all countries (excluding Myshzuul ).