Area 327,583 U (3rd)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Elesvine
Capital City Elesjune (Elesjuun)
Largest City Elesjune (Elesjuun)
Empire Sounthern Empire
Independence Date E3Y1[3751]
Currency SE Gilde ( ᶋ )
Current President Mayraa Korjev
Territories [territories]

Eleswyn in dark green. Disputed land to Eleswyn: light green.

Eleswyn (a.k.a. Elesvyn) is one of the 17 countries on Mundu, and has the highest population of them all. It is a member of the Southern Empire and the WPP . It borders Bywrok and Skamryl to the south, with the Samoor Sea to the north.


Throughout most of Eleswyn the terrain is flat with small hills. In the south, mountains take up the landscape, along with a dense coniferous forest. On the northern coast is the Eleswyn Desert and badlands. On the western penninsula of the country is an expanse of rolling hills and steep cliffs.


Eleswyn became a country roughly 3,000 years ago when it broke apart from Kaltlandyth during the Split. Later, it joined the Southern Empire, which it is part of today. It became a very populous country up until the Shukraa Battles, where its population was decimated. After the war was won, its population shot up again, and it still is rising quickly. Eleswyn was one of the first nations to join the WPP


Eleswyn's population is the highest of all the countries, and houses every race except dwarves within its borders. In the desert regions to the north, the inhabitant are largely Dokmour. In the south, in the mountains, the Norskemour make their homes. Throughout the entire country are villages, sprawled in every countryside. Because of this, Eleswyn is the #2 most urbanized country on Mundu.