Area 106,911 U (10th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Byroke
Capital City Bywrok City
Largest City Vaylurgrad
Empire Southern Empire
Independence Date E3Y29[3780]
Currency SE Gilde ( ᶋ )
Current President Biinkar Wiistaalen
Territories [territories]

Bywrok as seen from space.

Bywrok is currently the wealthiest and 2nd healthiest country on Mundu. It is part of the Southern Empire , and the WPP . It borders Eleswyn to the north, and Azira-Farcry to the south.


Overall, Bywrok is very flat and hilly. To the north-east, are lots of mountains, and in the south is the Southern Swamp and a large urban space. In the south-east, is a thick coniferous forest over a large plain.

Bywrok shown in a very basic elevation map.


Bywrok became a country roughly 2,900 years ago, soon after The Split. It broke away from Azira-Farcry , because it felt that The Split should have created Bywrok earlier. It has been largly neutral since then, which alowed it to prosper. Currently, its government is very strong and influencial on the rest of the Southern Empire. 


The people of Bywrok are largly Norskemour, with a small human population to the north. Bywrok's total population is small compared to its neighbor to the north and the rest of the world.