Area 123,531 U (8th)
Population [pop][rank]
Denonym Farcrine
Capital City Benkavok
Largest City Benkavok
Empire Southern Empire
Independence Date E3Y1[3751]
Currency SE Gilde ( ᶋ )
Current President Aankay Nortow
Territories [territories]

Azira-Farcry is one of the 17 countries on Mundu , and the farthest one south. It is a member of the WPP , and the Southern Empire . It borders Bywrok and Skamryl to the north. 


Azira-Farcry is mostly a cold tundra plain. Half of the country is only tundra, with no trees, and little vegetation otherwise. For the other half there is a large forested area, and mountains at its northern-most point. In the very south there is an ice sheet covering the land, making it uninhabitable. Along the northern border is the Bay of Bywrok , as well as all of Azira-Farcry's major cities.


Azira-Farcry started as one of the original 3 countries from the Split , with it also having Bywrok 's land. A few decades later, Bywrok split off of Azira-Farcry, and from then on it stayed as a very peaceful country, trying not to pick sides in every dispute. Soon after Bywrok split off, Azira-Farcry joined the Southern Empire , which kept it even more peaceful. Azira-Farcry was one of the last countries to join the WPP .


Azira-Farcry's population is fairly low compared to all of the other nations. Its racial population is mostly Norskemour and Kaltskemour with a small human minority. 80% of the country's population is on its northern coast, leaving the south almost completely uninhabited.